Leisure time

 Let’s talk about leisure time

They say that “Life is a big headache on a long noisy road.” This statement truly explains life nowadays. Life in the twenty first century is full of stress. From dawn to dusk, everyone has to go through a rigorous schedule. Even children are not exempt from this rush. Everyday there are deadlines to meet, reports to write, bills to pay, meetings to attend, papers to submit, etc.,. Life is a never-ending race to most people. Stress Reduction has become a priority with individuals as well as organizations. People have different ways of escaping the stress and difficulties of modern life. Really, there are many things in the world that help us to enjoy our life. Besides, if you have money the world is your oyster. I can but dream about visiting exotic countries, helicopter tours, plane trips, parachuting and hot air ballooning and other stomach-churning activities.

What do you like doing in your free time?

It is known, that people can do all kinds of things in their spare time. They go shopping, play football, collect records or stamps. Of course, some of the time activities, like visiting relatives or taking driving lessons, may not be fun, nevertheless this is the way to spend your free time.

In big cities people spend their free time by going to the theatre, cinema, museums, art galleries, concert hall, fitness or disco clubs. When I have some free time I can choose any of them. But when the weather is fine, I like to go for a walk along the boulevards and streets of the city with my friends, enjoying its architecture.

Also I’m fond of …

What is the most popular pastime with the people of Belarus?

The weekends have always been the time for families in Belarus. Saturdays are busy time for shops with many families going to markets and department stores. Sunday is believed that it’s important that families have time to be together.

People today enjoy various indoor and outdoor activities. According to the results of Eurostat survey people in Belarus spend about 45 per cent of their free time watching TV. The addiction to digital devices is constantly growing in Belarus as well. About 24 per cent of the free time of Belarusian people is spent on socializing. Also people enjoy visiting and entertaining with friends and relatives. Going to the grandparents at the weekend has become quite a traditional point on the weekend plan.

About 3,5 million people have been to the cinema this year making it the most popular cultural activity in Belarus. Eating out has also grown in popularity with Belarusian people spending a part of their household money on food outside home.

Another popular pastime is gardening. Many people in Belarus have a dacha, a country house where they go in order to run away from a noisy city. Gathering wild berries and mushrooms hasn’t changed over the centuries. It’s real fun to leave the city and go to the forest and enjoy the beauty of our Belarusian nature.

More and more people practice active ways of spending the weekend. Sport and physical recreation have become widely spread around the country. People of different ages take up cycling and swimming in summer and ice-skating in winter. Also some people prefer to spend Saturday or Sunday morning on a horse farm. Horseback riding is a unique way of keeping fit and also has psychological benefits.

Today Belarus is becoming more and more popular as a tourist destination. Different exciting routes have been offered to travelers. Mir and Nesvizh Castles have already been visited by thousands of people. The main medieval festivals and knights tournaments in Belarus are held in Novogrudok, Zaslavl, Mir and Nesvizh. There it is possible to meet young men and girls in medieval costumes and watch knights tournaments.

Museums and art galleries also give people entertainment. Even if you are not interested in art or history, there is always something to catch your attention. Many museums now have what they call “interactive” exhibits. People can be really pleased through performing the “interactive” works in museums, as well as gaining related knowledge. In the gallery of straw art you can not only see and buy a fantastic straw souvenir, but also visit Belarusian Festival of Straw and try making  a straw item with your own hands with the help of the best Belarusian masters of straw art and crafts. No matter who you are and what you like, somewhere there is a museum that will amaze and interest you.

What questions can you ask a British friend about his/ her free time?

– Have you got a lot of free time?

– Do you often go to the theatre or to the cinema?

– Have you got a hobby?

Give me some advice on what to do in my free time.

As I have already told there are a lot of things to do in your free time. Your plans may depend on several factors: time, your mood, money and may be weather or some other details. To my mind the best way to relax at the weekend in summer is to go somewhere to the country and enjoy nature and quietness. Sometimes it is very pleasant to go for a walk to the park, to eat out, to go to the cinema or to the museum. If you are in certain mood you may stay at home with a nice book or a pile of magazines.

Young people of your age complain that they are short of free time. Can you think of ways to economize some time for rest?

In my opinion it is always better to plan our free time because there are lots of things that need to be done and not all of these things are for fun. Leisure time is not only about waking up late, spending the whole day in bed or in front of the television and reading some magazines. In fact if it is well planned, free time can be used to meet our friends, go to a club, go to the cinema, go shopping or even read a nice book. Also I may use it to do more important things such as taking up a new hobby or visiting a museum or an exhibition hall. Thus my free time needs to be organized very well. By making a careful plan I can do more things, because I am more organized and I do not waste time. Moreover, with a plan I can enjoy myself more. If I have planned ahead I am fully prepared for the activities I wish to engage in, and I have nothing to worry about. So I prefer to plan my free time and take into consideration some aspects: my mood, the time I have, the plans of my parents and so on.

Nevertheless, sometimes I will go over the advantages of not to making any plans for my free time. Then I do not feel restricted by a preset routine, and my activities can be more spontaneous. In addition, when I have no plans of my own, it is easier to adapt to what my friends and family members may be doing. For instance, if I find out that a friend wishes to go to the cinema or to the beach, I can adjust myself to his or her plans with perfect freedom.