Ресурсный Центр – Appearence and character

Appearance and Character


Beauty may have fair leaves, but bitter fruit. As I see it, this is about appearances and characters.

To my mind appearances sometimes may be deceptive, but not always. Of course, practically everyone has met at least someone whose character and appearance differ radically. And still we are captivated by stereotypes. When we watch films we expect positive heroes to be tall, well-built and handsome, with bright eyes, a straight nose, a high forehead, and thick brown hair. They are supposed to be brave, strong-willed and confident in character. Positive heroines should be beautiful slender young ladies with delicate features, blue eyes under thick eyelashes, plump lips and long blonde, or at least fair, wavy hair.

Negative characters should be weak and small, with pale eyes and thin or balding hair, with an ugly face. Wicked cinema females are practically always skinny brunettes with ugly irregular features – a hooked nose, pointed chin, close-set eyes and thin lips. They display their character as cunning and hypocritical.

In ordinary life intelligent, kind, generous and cheerful people do not necessarily have good looks. Similarly, stupid, stubborn, stingy (жадный), impolite and harsh (жёсткий, неприятный) people are not necessarily unattractive. Nature likes to play tricks on us, and we may consider it as a present on the part of nature. Life becomes not a boring routine, but a brilliant kaleidoscope of characters and appearances which often clash.